sudo docker search linode
linode/lamp LAMP on Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS Container

Obviously, it’s not surprising LTS versions don’t match, though the premises Ubuntu recently released 20 LTS supported ISO, so there should be no problem migrating the famous KVM – HyperV LAMP to the latest (con) current version. Nevertheless, it’s not the case – co called, ‘don’t mind’.

Of course, for fun sake you can pull it down, it costs nothing in terms of office purpose. But when established in a public library, there’s always a risk to succumb stumbling down on a roadblock of eavesdropping by malicious clients (the library building).

So, to not elaborate on trifles, KVM is kind a superb launching machine, sort inviting for a (delusional?) behavior modeling virtual PHP apps, if not it’s a side machinery effect, meaning nothing in total – in general. CI4 apps running smoothly on my laptop, calls for papers are missing, debugging System D snapd is missing the key point, as migration to openRC backwards is sophisticated, i. e. startup Covid19 is superceding and overwhelming the mass media, Twitter, trends etc. So, call it sanity, it’s missing the meeting destination.

In economics theory, the labor market supply agent is already waiting for orders not emphasizing additional costs embarking on unknown adventures like custom Docker build, especially when it’s related to slavery, working with no and for no money, no EUR, no national nor supranational (EU) currency, nor foreign reserves (USA, USD e. g.) currency. It’s banking fault, not an ordinary web develoer – PHP, Apache httpd (NginX) and MySQL (Oracle) stack programmer – call it so.

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