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CI4 red underlined code

3D perspective on the tumultuous rain resemble forceful attempts by the viewer in the airport to stop lifting off plane only by spectating at it, which is futile.

It immediately requires fixing – on the runtime, i. e. on coding runaway.

Mal-formatted CI4 default Encryption config

It’s amazing the distanced between the expected reshipped container distribution versus the apparent malfunction if not misunderstanding of the shipping location. Astonishing as well it is, the precarious incarnation of the embedded devices and technologies featuring its docs, offline as well (although bi-stream length is undefined downloading it) and the feasibility of mis-coding the essence of the app, because of the urgent need to form it correctly in the IDE – i. e. MS VS Code.

The outcome of this behavior is obvious – the leaning forward anti-piracy, at least anti-malware & anti-corruption prerequisite law, which means – at least, again, in this case – working normal laptop OS and applications like Snap Store – system D approach in this case, but not necessary.

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