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Didn’t pass LinkedIn JS assessment

Unemployment is hitting high, staggering numbers are soaring, the reasons explained and so on. International conferences like ICEM aren't working and the PHP developer is to be blamed for house admin wifi block, including foreign employers stagnation and nervousness ticks.

It was a set of weird JS questions, multiple choices most of them, but with a limited time for answers, make them difficult to reproduce (code terms) and to reply correctly.

They want a developer to be memorizing machine, always scrutinizing the bunches of Amazon literature on JS and its patterns, nothing else.

What’s so called business startup and coding practice? Office entity and business running applications? If it’s profitable, it’s so far the only criteria to measure it rightly – distancing, putting away, gov impunity cases to the identity affirmation (re) in some other state like EU comprising ones.

Now, a corp giant is asserting their malware and the *ing badge is imprinted into the job seeker profile like it wasn’t a state liberal markets – economics to state otherwise; nothing is seldom, is a freedom of investigation – call it R&D.

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