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Labour intense Trance constitutes a background of false misinformation

Additional measures taken to get employed aren't saving the face of Alma MAtter - KTU - who is assigned target market approach getting employed. It, instead, is requiring revisions of the acquired infrastructure and vendor distributables, deliverables and so on - government related stuff. It's the vector leaning towards the shift of Win 10 DL DVD reinstall, coming back to damaged OS from backup partition.

It’s alleged that Trance genre, for example, ASOT and FYI, comprise the so called continuum of TSDB, labour supply side. Why? Composing this letter, in the meantime applying to a settlement of positions to and remote.ok, shifting up profile and so on is a major malware dis-threatening consumerism.

Terroristic powers like so called organizatoins aren’t the main focus of an ordinary PHP Developer, but it comes to my mind a challenging question, when it has to be answered negatively to job openings – like for example, get rid of this messy scam?

I don’t know about somebody, but LAMP laptop, especially business based (focused, oriented, targeted – a. k. a. installed with prerequisites such as VM Docker and Vagrant) is ufficient enough to compete in PHP market – call it job market. If you are continuously jobless, then it doesn’t matter EU funding opportunities nor agile methodology in scope of prominent targets like,, – locally – nor international remote and on site offers from, or similar.

Simultanously, if you are looking for a job, paying in EUR (GPB in UK), then you aren’t considering state government paying you off (a. k. a. obligations?) in IRS, eveonline game, based on jobless conditions, like sitting all the day in public library with blocked at home WiFi – unpredictble parents – and considering it the main remuneration – a. k. a. compensation. Nothing is miraculous, nothing is spectacular neither. It’s not Kaliningrad nor Prussia, Poland nor Cechnia. It’s even not France Orange Logic, who offered me (remote, would have been great) position in France with a couple of 24” monitors – .NET development.

In total, all in all, to say so (at least) it’s a compensation strategy – based or not, it’s not a college curriculum of strategic management – government, also known as. If the mising target like a compensating enterprise is out of reach, then within the freetime reachable public goods and services, also known as Caritas charity donations or homeless based public internet isn’t saving you from stating otherwise – the adverse, opposite, naming – labeling – exact enemies and false prerequisites, like a Linux Gentoo based laptop, 2FA SSD and Kingston fake flash key, which is comprising a fraud in general, with a market out of non-sane CEOs on a fake income-expenditure based collegial units, should have been called enterprises – IT agencies to say so – not communistic insane supervision of NHS (employees) requiring individuals.

What a develoeper has to reply to communistic USA enterprise, who don’t interrogate for a test task solution, but later dismiss it irrelevant? Make your desk clean, clear so called. It’s their advise, like a code was my behavior, not an applied BSc Economics in IT – ICT. It’s a consumer app, not the developer’s stance, nor a choir of Notre Dam, Bruxelles, call it DL DVD Win 10 reinstall, instead of chasing public library homelessness reduction targeted internet WiFI access (points).

So, are they instill offering a PHP Developer position? Hardly, because having negotiated for a Product Warehouse solution they later dismiss it for trifles, like included in git .vscode (deliberately, for getting acquainted them with me) and some (1 – 2) empty models –

php artisan make:model ProductModel

later it being replaced by

php artisan make:model Product

What is that – their product stage? Talech, the corporation, hiring remotely. Scammers, a week w/o/ a job related response, only moaning around the way they like the shit they’ve done. Another company, located in remote Kaunas suburban warehouses (coincidence) requested to walk over to their office and have a chat of no promises and no negotiations – understand, a. k. a. a bypassed or worse – bystander – was requesting their permission to dock his ship into their trashyard, weirdos, Stalin’s unforesseen unsupervised NVS – though even collapsed, some local used clothes market with the jogging around PSY Ganmgman style guy.

Call for cation from fakers, false employers, state fraud enterprises

It’s not a conclusion, nor election marathon. It’s a reciprocal reaction – to the threat, even close to imminent – respond immediatelly, like unveiling the shitted opportunity they had been discussing without any consequencies prereqgistered in their mindset modeled applicatn behavior, but with the tremendous space for their impunity based anti-terrorism in Guantanam (Cuba) and Abu Ghraib (Iraq).

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