Democrats loss didn’t impeach the patents infringement – neither patents war between Apple and Samsung. It’s still the same jobless, work-less, labour-less, money-less, EUR-less and so on to be precise status – laptop, with the free time at library – public Aleksotas V. Kudirkos, internet access and some development – enterprise.

emerge -a gnome-extra/cinnamon

Added up, of course, a settlement of package.accept_keywords sets, necessary to precautionary install this lightweight on almost non running (UX and UI terms) Linux, though heavily based and maintained by Gentoo Sakaki EFI Install Guide distro.

It’s easier to use, consume that is. Windows aren’t covered by annoying Gnome shell-wide notifications, they are placed transparent handy on the corner of this side. Definitely, it’s not KDE Plasma with a plethora of customization options, it’s directly the derivative – development arrived stage – of this current desktop Gnome installation, a. k. a. set.

Reminding me emigrant to London, Eimantas Zilis, my IB classmate Ieva Dūdaitė’s cousin – they both were active on Facebook (and maybe some other social media) and Skype especially, but stopped consuming Linux distros several years ago, so throwing back to his blog on Cinnamon – which is currently concealed, supposed terminated, as I cannot find in on Google search – anyways, secret guys.

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