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GTArcade social accounts referencing to services primary database storage key

Volumes of best A. K. Doylle written material aren't helping ingenuous authors to contribute to at least society (extra curriculum activities circle in simplier terms) in a wide spectrum. Such simple things like social media account email - which is always the same in most cases - isn't the dominating criteria to advance with user registration form in most of the cases, provided by the GTArcade.

Sort of an absurd, but it’s true –

Unabel to add Facebook account down to Google

The fact is, that an aray of social media accounts are referencing to the same meail address and it should be the only factor denominating the third party like GTArcade services primary authentication cirteria. It’s not the case in this instance, therefore it sounds and becomes ridiculous.

Once I used to login via Google, then I switched to Facebook, but they all, as said, reference to a single email, which is weird in this instance, why they allow this discrepancy to happen – like it’s unusual to have a single email for social media accounts or like it’s an evasive behavior to void social media persistend accounts – it’s not Enigma, folks, WW2 resolved lots of issues, including WiFi and internet wide access, crossglobe, world wide, so it’s nothing fascinating, it’s not Buckingham Palace.

The funny part of this story is, that email cannot be revoked – nor claimed. It’s password like forgotten, but reset buttont is never placed, nor resend confirmation email is. So it’s a high school terms speaking – vicious circle, or stuck loop (endless loop. if you want in beginner terms). Anyway, games looked good (GTArcade), now its missing the base point – the critical acclaim, or the basis, in broader terms.

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