cat lenovo-ssd-full.* > /dev/sda

Navigated to a more recent backup

gunzip sda3.gz | /dev/sda3

Making it Gentoo running. It’s so called main drive backup, when, e. g. in emergency situation, there is no other solution apart from having desktop environment ASAP, which was the recent case w/o/ internet access, only the WiFi block without a notice now a single warning.

Anyway, Sakaki official guide as they say, indicated a bug, related to a actual cipher key discrepancies; maybe it sounds interesting, but then beeping UEFI settings BIOS is disturbing the librarian again; she isn’t so into KTU – UM – VMU specialists, especially of the heavier field, so it, in this case, will be highly sufficient to my mind.

dd if=/dev/urandom bs=32 count=1 of=/mnt/key/luks-key
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