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Trace.direct malware

Shortage of food, delivery services and proximity to country areas, where the only designated land purpose is country tourism make EU no familiar folks frightening newbies.

It’s an amateurish storyline, but it’s true. An agency, after Synopticom fires me from Vilnius, coming back to my parents house, my former home, a UK agency offering me a remote position, with the famous E6010 2 core stock market laptop – Celeron 1.4 GHz, Debian I guess KDE, nothing spectacular.

Of course, even though it was bought in a nearby mall, it’s still a regular market laptop, featuring nothing else except flawless lightweight Linux on it instead of MS Dos or even worse – for that price – MS Windows.

The latter didn’t work for me too well, so I decided to move from Windows 7 (pirate version at that time, but not enterprise shareholder) and proceed to actually LAMP stack, I. E. Linux itself, hosting machine.

Upon 1st order, former Soviet Union components states like NVS – ISA – Independent States Alliance, hosting freelancers, as an opposite to my EU host, started somewhat called mutiny, a case where false messages and misunderstanding were prevailing terms in that order communication – Skype & TeamViewer, at least, of course.

One for loop didn’t figure out working in PHP, leaking data to non its affect, causing trouble laptop scale, and especially project size. Its manager, NVS host declared, or more precisely, reported to UK agency, it was my rejected to run project, likewise I was denounced it altogether. That’s a fraud in general, by its sound logistics.

A sentence conveyed was so strong that UK agency CEO started believing it, was convinced firing me right away w/o a single warning, whereas I was in org chart the lower subordinate of the project execution and delivery flow; it might have looked like different from financial perspective.

So, sad story – for cycle with a reference – => &$value – was in effectively leaking data, so it was under control, but the management got afraid and wrongly reported me, actually my position or stance, the way you call it, to the UK hiring agency CEO. Bad in the first place, nothing to add, though sounded like a satellite phone call directly ensured, because Skype explanation didn’t help him (CEO) to understand the real nor nominal case, so ultimately he called me a prick, which came as a surprise, like I was into former security agency – KGB – or so. Weird, in general.

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