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MMVM debunked – myths despised

Fake rippers like Webbouwers, concentrated onto pre-short term gains, not ever declaring at least short term gains goal, is polluting high school China resolution; missing their own perception, deceived by their own home, not unblocking their hacked devices etc. EU in other terms.


A custom plugin for a website (sport items B2C retailer), called SPRO. Setters and getters are undefined, so it cannot call cart nor user properties, it’s missing. JSON serialization is []. Furthermore, it’s missing the very data it’s provided – custom form. admin part – SPRO items dimensions – weight, height, width, borderlines etc. Nothing is retrievable from the database, although it’s an ordinary IT agency – an enterprise.

So, call it a buggy plugin – it’s lacking its assigned getters and setters to be completed and submitted to prod version for sales. Despite that, agency is insisting of a swift and rapid work – say it, a. k. a.

We need money now, we cannot afford turning back to previous developers’ non sane submissions

Webbouwers, Skype

So, presumably, it will be paid – code then submitted from my side is calling direct database queries for the this particular problem solution – it retrieves data from database, displaying it into the user page.

hi, good morning, today I will continue CSS & jQuery (JS) with the table and hopefully mobile version has similar layout and animations, up to 2h.@all Lotte, 09:28hi Povilas, I just checked the pageThis is indeed the requested data09:28so this is okLotte, 12:28are you busy with CCS & JS now?

Skype (VoIP) approval of Webbouwers development
Data dsiplayed from MMVM – View database calls, a malware practice – approved by Webbouvers and not paid

It’s not high school debates, though the forthcoming consequences were well predicted – not only this task was unpaid, but the previous stage invoice was left unpaid too. #meetoo sexual harassment stages? Then 5H will not be satisfied, especially if they were playing management so to say, besides economics in college.

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