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Facebook Lite got stuck on A3S – Umidigi

Lost in nature - especially nearby local e. g. Kazlų Rūda - forests individual like M. Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, is striking again - losing pace Facebook Lite, not authenticating via 2FA, which it announced eagerly; too messy it looks like and too lazy to disable it for a smartphone - A3S usage, so it's left only Messenger Lite operating.

Famous, though ordinary Chinese manufactorer destroyed Facebook, leaving it unrelenting power trying to send SMS 2F code. Weird Americans, relying again on their caravels – sort of emergency ships, sent hundreds of years ago to Americas, named after A. Vespuci.

It’s sort of an alleviation, got rid of Avast chain reaction and lightweighted Facebook apps – social network and messenger. The latter works well, although doesn’t have reaction feature assigned to users’ posts, never mind, that doesn’t matter. Though the former is just a mess, requiring all sorts of things, but never providing option to authenticate like an authenticator app or sent SMS passcode – although tried removing additional SIM from account, then removing primary and re-adding it again. Pupils, nothing else, imagining they are operating in a simulated environment – poor Silicon Valley.

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