Face unlocking was hidden in non gaming way to discover the user scale. Browsing – sliding down – the settings cog it was eminent that the additional biometrics device caps was inevitable.

At first, it scans the face deeply, recognizing shapes of biometrics to the extent of rough introduction to the simply opening your screen and the face being used to immediately – 1-2 s turn the smartphone on.

All in all, it’s not bad, shaping my mind that Android is more or less neutral nations or countries attitude, it simply is concerned about consumer. Therefore it isn’t afraid of heavy and intense usage of AI, making the smartphone the most heavy device of the ecosystem of Imidigi. High school style, but nothing better comes to my mind, long sessions joggin (running) listening to 5F albums and Despasito; whilst a state – LR (LT) – gov stops its impunity policies and college education makes sense again, even in tax inspection scope.

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