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Emigration to UK diminished my SEB and indebted to HSBC

Cash flow is the imminent - integral constituent part of a so called enterprise business; if it's ommitted, nothing is to be spoken of nor about. How can business operate w/o/ necessary cash - EUR - to compensate basic necessities such as food, grocieries stock items or rent monthly price? It's a rethoric question, needing no answer.

Not recommending this adventure, although, despite the blocked MAC laptop and smartphone, instead of following Keynes macroeconomics and display set web development at home, which was requsted by hiring enterprise, it’s still a cloudy rains chasing aftermath runaways to a nearby borough internet access library.


SmartphoneUmidigi C1
LaptopLenovo E565 AMD 10 Cores
Stack LAMP OSGentoo with Docker and Vagrant
IndebtmentVSF, deferred to college tuition fees repayment
Savings before moving to UK
SmartphoneLost Umidigi C1 (bus stop)
not acquired medium price Sony Xperia – Vodafone
broken Sony Xperia XZ Premium (parents not hearing nor litening) to doors border
LaptopThe same Lenovo E565
Stack LAMP OSRed Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop, Self-support
IndebtmentVodafone not paid off contract for Sony Xperia flagship + HSBC credit & debit cards not paid off; VSF indebtment the same, not advanced repayment.
Afterparty – move to UK measured in economics terms

As you clearly see, it’s not WW2′ a single developer migration to UK, EU. Instead of starting repayment to Siauliai bank (҆iauliai bank), DNB Nord (Luminor) banks, I had to retain the same status as of cast out from Maastricht city, Universiteit Maastricht – Maastricht college. Likewise, a some joke, nothing else.

3 enterprises, switching between them and an ambush come back to former home in LT, EU. Debt greatly increased, contracts and job offers are missing out, nothing too super lad. Therefore it’s a distinct chase of some (jews?) or other fictional characters of high school economics.

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