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Upgrading Brezhnev IBM – Lenovo to Snap store

OS upgrade doesn't start evenly hard with books (paper, soft papers) reading, it's a planned basics of todoist and actions taken at the library. - county, public; wifi access.

It’s not as news as Covid19 – coronavirus, but I’m doing the job – ECTS of KTU and UM – VMU is gaining momentum at the pace foreseen during these pandemic times. It’s a 4g targeted market, primarily emphasizing short term yields. Steps:

  • Blocker removal – docker and opendns (pre-stage fetch required to the latter, as directly internet related)
  • Adding up profile systemd to the stack.
emerge -uaDN --with-bdeps=y --pretend @world

followed by

emerge -uaDN --with-bdeps=y @world

That’s the case, actual system upgrade.

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