Astounding, but a famous Doctrine object relation mapper, so called layered economics, is a launching on itself cardinal malware – non EU Economics subject in KTU and VMU college, instead of that – a high school economics – gradeless, 4+ mark was enough to be equally evaluated amongst others.

Weird it is, how much of volumes debugging itself it requires – multiple reports to applying to employers – in the recent events (so called incidents?) it returned empty set of data in a regular (ordinary) API on a custom framework, based on Laminas router and dispatch.

{ [] }

It’s a vagina form return symbols, occupying the great amount of energy and consumption efforts. Nonetheless, it’s overwhelming – should dating be supposed be censored by girl’s parents or my siblings – even worse, with a help of my dad? Not at all, it’s solvent.


composer remove Doctrine/ORM

This check has been deposited for MySQL logs, annotated bibliography, DQL and SQL CLI commands execution, which returned healthy sets of VS Code (neutral) inserted API (basics of app economics) data – date, release and ID, of course. Three fields were working anywhere except to a web API, where based controller was connected and instantiated to operate directly with httpd (Apache Software Foundation) SAPI (PHP).

We’re concerned Doctrine was hiding this malicious their nature and behavior behind iron curtain, so called cold war era of no internet prohibition; screenshot off stance – this, however, is the high school stage with no ECTS transferred; it’s, however, the contrary – college student status granted autonomous open consideration, eliminating competition and misunderstanding with a distinct cooperation of government.

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