Strange however it is, but BT-less laptop is a wrong criteria to judge on the verge of collapse. XFCE –

emerge -av xfce-base/xfce4-meta

is a way ‘better move’ to adjust conditional statements, assessing the evaluation matrix on the basis of running working machine.

The difference, however, is to be made, that auto-moto (automobile) – a car – is a distinct thing from developer LAMP stack laptop, which is a simple PC term described. Despite the fact the cars are – especially latest – heavily computerized, obviously basing their devices on embedded chipsets of PCs, it’s not the same thing by category.

So, to distance from BT, plugged BT speaker to laptop and headphones to a Spotify playing smartphone is a suicide move, if not put censored. Basically, GNOME –

emerge -av gnome-base/gnome

is a full featured – so called normal, in this instance – laptop distro, replacing and working well instead and compared to famous Ubuntu (Unity Gnome theme), which no longer is installable on my laptop (or at all in general), as it hangs on some chroot (supposedly) steps.

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