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Transitioning /dev/urandom and R&D MS OneNote through SSHD access DDOS

Short term investigations into DDOS attacks, SQL injecting developer imperatives of to be so called delusional 'orders' are a major concern of practical development in terms of Wifi MAC block, 4G LTE block by banking institutions and allusions to Basel II R&D of college databases.

Simultaneously, R&D stages, so called MySQL database access grant criteria, malicious software, in essence called cyber attacks, is infringing greatly Wifi Block exploitation mechanisms.

The essential message on this is imperative note on an immediate action taking into consideration and account, despite all the facts in vim panels indicating the versus.

CREATE TABLE `pb_image` (
    `content` BLOB NOT NULL,
    `created_at` DATETIME NOT NULL,
    `updated_at` DATETIME,
    `deleted_at` DATETIME,
    `note` INT(5) UNSIGNED NOT NULL,
    PRIMARY KEY(`id`),
    FOREIGN KEY(`note`) REFERENCES `pg_note`(`id`)

SSHD key only authentication has to be enabled for the developer not to execute custom commands like these accessing MySQL shell, which is a malware on its own. Additional remote access services (luxury clients) like vnc are turned off, which is significant security improvement.

On the other hand, explicit security measures like X server port switch to a socket and its access forbidding is taken care by X server itself, additional configuration may harm the system in general, but worth R&D in total.

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