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Samsonas Ltd corrupted operations

State corruption, especially signed and signified by government (state) initialized state prosecution is marking significant benchmark delusion in terms of an ordinary PHP developer consumption and spending capacity and volumes. It's a weird accusation of monetary policy infringement, dating back to college term papers, nominating ECTS issuing institution accredited KTU, UM and VMU breaches cross EU states wide.

So called a meet processing company Samsonas, located in Lithuania, former employing agency Mediapark (Kaunas, Lithuania) customers, are allegedly per-occupying corrupted material based operations, namely in their processing facilities, a. k. a. factories. There’s no trouble of an agency covering them at least temporarily (for them to solve the things, to sort them out), but biblical mythology resembling their franchise label is infringing the very developer’s facility, namely parents’ house. It’s wifi MAC address blocked, not only a laptop, but a former smartphone, Xperia Premium XZ. It needs something to be done in this case, otherwise knife swiping my dad is dangerously close (proximity distance measured) to the developer, causing trouble and damage to this house in general.

I don’t know if it’s infamous Texas USA holdings initialization, insinuation or simulation (pretensions to it at best) by a Lithuania Composer association member Mr. Algirdas B., though it’s dangerous to stay in this house and somebody could freely pick the developer up, lifting to another location with the LAMP setup laptop and a Prestigio smartphone.

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