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Oryx modeling implementation (ECTS sets transition)

State modeling offense is not left unnoticed, especially by former top college student, with multiple scholarships and international contest awards. It's a matter of regular post and telecommunications such as phone and internet (public spaces) to issue complaints to ombudsmen of EU and NATO to maintain Wifi and HSBC banking credit with debit unblocked at least at 4G LTE level, PHP development constituting the main source of income with reputation damaged world wide, folks.

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It’s long been discussed (authors and quotes, due to the lack of Wifi – internet – LAN – 4G LTE are missing there and in the whole document – article further on. Offline data is available, which doesn’t include R&D articles, as they are missing since my college – VMU – discrepancies regarding and concerning my BSc and consecutive two thesis.) the worth and value of so called college education. It’s assumed, that it’s at least as worth as paid, i. e. it’s not ROI negative.

The latter presumption is based on the grounds of college non corporate, but leaning definition – it’s non profit to an extent, but is registered as an autonomy of the hosting republic (of Lithuania) providing best available education for the jobs market – its goals and settings are as laid out. So. to be short, sustainable development (especially corporate sustainability, concerning private enterprises and SMEs, nominating and designating this notion for the non NGOs and non GOs operations and status established development) is regarding the non-errors in status of developed source code to be nominative for the conscutive earnings and skills improvement. Now, regarding the main concept and concern of this article, it’s a Egroup firing (and consecutive enterprises) for something, that’s undeclared, contrary to sustainable growth and development targets, which are aim of state registered and established proprietorship enterprises.

To be short with introduction and development, feedback and error correction scheme is questionnares available, though in this instance is’t not directly applicable to personal earnings scale and development, like, e. g., aforementioned EGroup,, Syno Intl., NOVP, Svetaine verslui and other cases (at least several more). Firing an employee is mystified, but in this instance it’s myths debunked – either developer is incapable of delivering tasks implemented in project CI or the enterprise (IT development agency) is in constant lack of money, cash flow and/or other direcives, which is subject of terms and conditions of the job agreement – employment agreement – of the employee and the employer. It’s by default (and sort of by definition) not a subject of discussions concerning something else than economic utility goal, meaning that expenditure for economic gains (and prosperity) is the target of for-profit organization, usually and in this instance called the term enterprise.

In this case, when questionnaire and feedback with error correction mechanism (sheme, – schematics) doesn’t work, it’s applicable other models of economic integrity, such as introspection, nominating and delivering yields of status concern of payment deliverables, such as EUR, transactioned on the basis of payment intervals, due the verbal (or written) agreement and issued in invoices terms. Tools such as and are helpful invoicing enterprises, SMEs and LEs, In any case, currency exchange is a subject of bank institution, stashing money for liquid reserves, not a direct paid employee status of discrimination, sorting this out to the profit of the win-win scenario participants – internal enterprise stakeholders, namely, in this instance – employees.

Another method, worth concern, is a AI – artificial intelligence, in other terms – NFC and other other subsidiary means ensuring of state of office protection, mearning that it works by default consistently without interruptions and is delivering room of subject of agreement between tenant and landlord – or a rented office cabinet – protected from intruders such as counter-concerned opponents of some state non tracked agreements (to be so) concerning personal development, income status, cash flow, transacted to (personal) bank account, in a form of sole proprietorship (room and web development LAMP stack or VM – Docker and/or Vagrant laptop with smartphone) basis of freelancer and outsourcer.

Intellectual property, so called BI assets, in other form – gains or retrieved e. g. SWAT performence – is a state of SME (in this instance), extending the non-liquid assets stockpile with a set of graphs, infographs (and facts and figures), basically. Normally, it’s not the case of concern of supervising jurisdiction agency, such as audit, which is hired separately – not state government issued bonus. To be not confused with business laptop – e. g. AMD based mainboard asset – the laptop. Transposed business insurance into the assets of the enterprise, the capital – so called – is the underlying base of state delivery and inter-communication with the world itself. Gentoo software packages, installed on SSD 2 factors encrypted device, is a OS and LAMP stack platform, hosting and running MVC, ADR – MMVM base derived applications, such as Magento 2 eCommerce, WordPress (Woocommerce), OpenCart SME eEshops and note taking mobiel responsive web app.

The aforelisted assets to be protected from the (a) in general, environment impact and (b) generic concern, not state of geo-teritorry tracked nor concerned by them . It results in college libraries and office being distanced, its values and virtues being incapable of delivering state turbulences affect walling off. Thesis, such as BSc and MSc are missing the key criteria – so called #hashtag – so that they are effect delivered on the development enterprise – ICT agency – real estate profits – abbreviated – shortened – hosting costs, named primary ones, because the room furniture of a desk is a something not even an agency label discerning. It’s the development entity itself. By the way, synonimical the latter term and enterprise in this scale usage is freeley allowed, not concerning to be offensive by default in neutral to be environment (such as lounge room or lobby). The latter is applicable to the enterprise itself, basically, already distanced from other government filed and state registered (by founders) economic entities.

State demand

Ergonomic enterprise is already a feasibility, nominating personal development ECTS (so called eCredits) to the state of concern – i. e. markets of Lithuania (labor, real estate – offices and private rooms of flats) to the long term (e. g. Ubuntu LTS) established and running formerly enlisted PHP (LAMP) agencies and incubator incubant (, Kupishoes LLC). Though the list isn’t too illustrative nor complete without Orca Team and Mediapark, nominating themselves non introductory demand stuff escalation with the non continuity (non CI) with the OpenCart and Symfony 5 projects.

Gentoo, distanced from lack of income (persistently and continuously) was a call for change from Microsoft and Lithuania based virtualization developers. It was installed and currently running on this article MS VS Code hosting AMD E565 laptop (Wifi as usually, blocked both from house and 4G LTE – income status – (sustainable) in house development). It doesn’t however, deny the long term and short term essential solutions, naming only one of most popular open source Linux OS distros in this scope. Exemplar transition of personal desktop and VS Code settings doesn’t affirm introspection as necessity of repetitive measures. It’s stated from enterprise R&D in Economics perspective, not a government organization retrospective.

On this scope Gentoo may be seen as LTS in economic terms solution, validating ECTS credits and eCredits transition. On another scale, lack of Wifi and LAN is blocking eseentially everything from ICT agency call, nominating it destructive and in progress of insolvency with a leading to credit default. It’s not, however, enterprise of laptop and smartphone assets resistend, meaning that it can be dissolved as is, easily and without state introspection, selling out the assets to nearby pawnshop, shaking off hardships of state dangerous house inhabitants infringements and offenses.

Oryx modeling

State offenses, i. e. attacks (successful especially) against a neutral entity – or a simple job seeker, participant in labor IT market – is a status of blocked telecommunications such as Internet result. It isn’t, however, explainable (especially not by state law), but a military (and PHPUnit probably?) resolved. Economic entity isn’t by default government assaulting, it’s a filed documents to establish and run the enterprise in state and cross globe usual form of freelancing and outsourcing. So, terrorists with pretensions, state unobserved and non checked, are the primary concern of AI non-allowence in this case, ommitting other necessary means of ordered projects delivery in a form of CI (, BuildKite).

The Oryx open source project can be easily applied, as already exemplified in notes on paper – A4 labels – that an entity internal – terrorists with error logs filling in, size increasing – and externallly – not necessarily, as state obligatory government isn’t too concerned about individual – single – proprietorship being destroyed w/o/ defensive measures. Therefore in this scope, state perspective view isn’t too promising in recognizing offenders something else than stakeholders whose concerns may be solved in civil courts. In this case, business modeling and development – so called economics – is advising to envisage and embark on state modeling devices such as Oryx swift – i. e. ASAP – implementation, which is the case at the moment (now).

Sustainable income

So called term is an acronym of continuous, stable income. Based on significant rendering, it’s not too complex to reach, especially with the working laptop and smarpthone. Oryx, based on classified R&D, placed on a shelves nearby – due to blocked Wifi (including blocked 4G LTE) and LAN – is resulting in:

  • Shipped 4G LTE home appliances, such as Umidigi smartphone and smartwatch
  • Kingston improved security and reliability USB flash key – boot device
  • False job ads trashed to litter can, i. e. spam folder
  • Investments demanding tele-screen rendering gaming (online and client – on site – based) machinery distancing from future prioritized collaboration
  • Unstabled OS platforms (based on @dev branch is distanced as well, such as Fedora and OpenSuse Tumbleweed)

This corporate state security is the best allowed by this stashed reserves index, namely sustainability and well-being, collected by international agencies, inclufing IMF (International Monetary Fund) and WB (World Bank).

Future directions of R&D

It’s primarily advised to sell out country (Republic of Lithuania) central bank (LRCB, LCB) office facilities and its real estate in the real estate and stock markets, using eCommerce C2C portals (, & My ECTS credits, based on 2 term papers – key aspects in Economics BSc program agenda – of LCB operations in a response to global economic crisis (y. 2008, financial crunch, credit crunch) to state and global economics, in a complex environment of USA Federal Reserves (FED), UK Central Bank (UK CB) and European Central Bank, European Union Central Bank (ECB, EU CB) are granting enough or resources to file these papers and eCommerce documents with SME articles – so called WP posts. This is executed on CLI base terminal immediatelly and macroeconomicallly, AI ensuring basic state filed ICT (Information and Communication technologies) enterprise directly protected by AI from, as already stated, intruders, blocking Hardware form internet from hosting house router (switch) Wifi and LAN, as well as banking Basel III implemented HSBC prohibited debit and credit card transactions – payments – to 4G LTE ISP Omnitel subunit Ezys prepaid card.

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