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HSBC & Elixirr Consultancy inc. fraud

Close relatives are the most common burden for establishing business and PHP developer - migrant, who is concerned about earning on site in a usual GPB transaction with possibility to come back for earnings in EUR currency, but not necessarily. Now it's a daytime with a deducted (naturally and algorithmically) Ezys 4G Omnitel ISP discounted nights browsing and not enough of monthly subscription for unlimited broadcast, which was the usual case. I have to type this stuff on 2 HD monitors setup and await for nightly browsing enable to post it online with a WP account. What a mess, mysterious solar eclipse. Like a server, imitating machine amd64 Linux (x86_64) in Hollywood or amateur students BEST competition (async requests).

It’s apparent that fraudulent companies and banks (symmetric swap, compared to the title) are lucrative targets to look alike, but an intrinsic misery, pain and geometrically increasing expenditure on vanity forms. It’s non a developer’s concern to investigate them both, though an inquiry is a preferable way of dealing with them.

Firstly, a company of my aunt Terese B. and her husband Martin C. are announcing they are welcoming me to participate in London PHP job market (via reed.co.uk and indeed.co.uk), granting me a night or several to attend job interviews and receive a response. This is a fraud initially, as they are dropping me off the next day without an option to receive (positive) employer’s response. This is EU, free market, its goal was to establish and maintain] 4 guaranteed freedoms – Labor, Services, Capital and Stock commodities moving (liberty of transactions). I don’t guarantee it’s the case, nevertheless my aunt in London, being graduate of several colleges in Theology and Psychology with I guess doctor degree in the latter, emigrant to London for decades, recommended “prestigious” HSBC bank, instead of mainstream (at the time and now, probably) Barclays.

Despite the increased lightweight type of opening bank account there and being granted average+ status of income level, they were constantly calling for fraud evidences and fraudulent schemes handing to them. Nothing spectacular, but it was repetitive and they used to call even in weekends like leisure time of Westfield malls and cafes, Starbucks at London center boroughs. Interrogative type of speech, recognizing behavior patterns and alike, led to an Elixirr (Cheapside London) employment, where they didn’t negotiate for short term (a week) contract extension; despite that, they fired before its deadline termination, considering it was impossible for them to collaborate (like my laptop was off or burnt?).

Considering these circumstances and fraudulent schemes calls, it’s assumed:

  • HSBC is a schematic discrepancy in their customer – manager statements and their implementation
  • Elixirr Consultancy (inc.) is a helper fraudulent company, which is interested in environmentally shaped individual, refusing them to call employee a developer; instead, famous Laravel (MVC) PHP development (R&D) framework is using employed their transcendent phenomena of mix.js (Little Mix, X-Factor, USA) & elixir templating language – its shipped materialistic – compiling – design.

These laid out statements are the minimal contribution of a developer, seeking for employment and short term contracts leading to long term stability of income (GPB, EUR) in UK. It’s not up to a researcher to dissect them both; fraudulent schemes are constantly required affirmation from me, like it was assertions enabled MySQL (LAMP stack) building from source, which is fake by itself, as Release stage is required (at least preferable) for on site and remote development, where developer is responsible for stack host on his laptop (machine). So, it’s kind of a sick beauty to emphasize directions, and in essence – not only lack of a sustainable income to my bank accounts in SEB, HSBC and Rewire.com, also a constant reciprocal feedback requisites exclamation from unrelated parties.

Stakeholders should take into consideration the aforementioned statements and inquiry them directly.

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