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A plethora of Gentoo desktops

LXDE and LxQt - the famous lightweight desktop environments are facing difficulties organizing their actions flow into org chart, as supposed by Facebook. Instead of going hand to hand, side by side to the latest trends featuring their founding frameworks like gtk3 and QT5, they are dissipating towards unknown reality into vague territories.

It’s a scarcity of imagery screenshots, but take, for example, the Lumina:

  • Hardly working screen non limiting Libre office. Writer is full screened in 2 monitors
  • Top bar of window (header) is mouse inflicting, interfering and flickering mode not making difference between error of disappeared window and minimized it to header.

Another (working, put aside all non loading websites) worth discussion – LXDE:

  • Arandr, the same old school, but stable screen proliferation tool
  • A pre-empty set of language switchers, volume control, OpenVPN stage and so on – missing key tools and components of usual running desktop environment

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