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Mezzio compromising build: failing badge

In essence, fraudulent companies mean profit evasive consortiums, who are designated to erroneous diseases proliferation, like biological weapons and tangible resources waste. Not recycling home trash cans on time can lead to similar behavior, especially when noticed a series of incidents.

Astonishing, but famous continuation of pioneering Zend Technologies inherent PSR compliance featuring framework – Mezzio – is failing build. Its badge is fully red, signifying failure in unit tests, so called test driven, unit driven, TDD development compromate (comprimate).

Nothing spectacular looking from this perspective, though a common sense insights can be driven:

  • Zend Technologies MVC invention – pioneering nature
  • Micro frameworks, bragging of PSR compliant series

Because of that, it’s hard to believe, that continuation, a. k. a. project, looking for the same perspectives as their founding fathers is a treachery, i. e. so called treason. Look at their website –

It’s a shiny glowing object of consumption concern, worth replicating and advancing further, like a Nazi Panzer Mongolia storm –

Failed Nazi Germany Mongolia storm
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