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GOT patron dependent on truce effect

Pigeons shitted palace isn't the best way to begin work with LAN and Wifi, that's for sure. However, GOT presumes, it is the ROI itself, buying truce effect to defend one's castle is the best and the only way to earn money, get away from parents and rent a room somewhere in the city. Nothing similar, it's based on sustainable growth, governing enterprise investing nothing to this scale, so it's a vain, return-less deposit of investment fund; it's a fraud by default in economic terms.

It’s a fact, that GOT player is relying upon a truce effect, the special power to inhibit in so called 7 protectors game. Nothing bad, but an insight has to be measured that it doesn’t contain the magic dedicated to the project – it’s diamonds measured and bought straight away, immediately, that is.

It’s not something peculiar or unusual, but linearized, it’s a concept of fragility and primitiveness, because only 1 factor independent consumption leads to stupidity and over-simplicity of the game, which isn’t to be so, because it contains wide world area and kingdoms, allocated to alliances of that particular area.

To be so or not, it’s probably an ingestion into a predictions of foreign affairs – why GOT requires so much truce be in effect? Does it represents entity so called its entirety? What’s more important, is it enterprise economics, that I studies my specialization in economics major of BSc? If so, then it’s asserted, like a childish behavior to be resumed if reflected by somebody else, for example, my former Erasmus German girl student, who rejected several times pizza share in a mall pizzeria. What nonsense, in fact. Practically it means, that her expressed thoughts of Andrius G., my economics group mate him being too childish, are reflected by this game, assuming entity – SSH service TTY accessed unit is critical to the laptop. In fact, client is widely enough for the development machine, sshd service isn’t even required in remote terms. So, to assume and develop magically respawning project on prod mode, this meaning a tangible requirement from a web developer, this blogger, to be reminiscing former economics bachelor degree efforts in a way of this game consumption, like a requirement buying diamonds and EUR investment based truce effect is nonsensical. It’s a major flaw of this game, rating it worse than expected, especially in CPU, VGA and HDMI consumption in this laptop, way more modernized behavior featuring distanced thesis state commission statements – that a direct investment into teleterminals is the sustainable growth of the enterprise – allocated funds are minor, so returning investments are non-existent in this case.

This tragedy can be played off interpreting demands of governing enterprise (CEO) to be tactical weapons deployed – the rejection to GOT play a major role in their economics, including cooperating partner – is a matter of traverse; case is of course understood, actions taken and result is of course, valid.

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