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4G LTE provider outbreak

Broadcasting issues aren't preventing 4T LTE ISP for compensating measures for a lost contract in terms of fragility and cost reduction.A set of measures are taken to extend bets kno-how and implement the same sort of practices as well.

I’ts assumed that possible breach – outbreak – has been performed by hackers to Omnitel 4G LTE broadcasting provision services – i. e. by some channeling technologies, affecting directly machine learning and automation procedures.

  • 12 EUR transaction made to compensate automated 4G LTE monthly extension for 11.99 EUR
  • The leftover sum of ~12.50 has been deducted the nights tariff for unlimited 4G broadcast – 0.49 EUR.
  • Upon renewal of monthly unlimited plan, a warning has been issued fro automatically extending nights unlimited plan for 0.49 EUR
  • The aforementioned plan has been successfully extended, but not to the benefits of the developer
  • The warning (another) has been issued for not extending monthly unlimited plan, because of lack of funds (leftover circa 11.49 EUR)

This sequence of events shows the breach capability to outbreak established payment methods, invoicing, procedures and payment gates. Disruption is not needed in this case in terms of cash flow, directed to 4T LTE provider, monthly plans subscription, it’s a strange policy of ISP to subtract and aggregate shortest possible plans ordered first at the cost – in this instance – of log term ordered solutions, basic price based and shorter term discrediting offered as a ‘black Friday’ discount.

My solution is to order another compensating 1 week unlimited assignment before ordering agency in the Netherlands will pay the invoice, sent to them 2 in total, with 15 days balance term.

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