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Second Life struggles to make a difference

MMORPG games, advertised in Youtube are missing key criteria to encompass user experience, if they aren't exemplary applied to distro family, like Linux. A private R&D is solving this problem, but at the costs of stalled projects and damaged interests.

The famous label game is approaching a phase of indifference to the usual player, namely developing web apps and spending free time gaming high school times reaching runescape MMORPG launcher.

The funny thing of this is, that Second Life client is suited for linux, downloaded on Gentoo and finally complains of missing 32 bit compatibility libraries.

Strange it is, however, the essence is steps taken:

  • set of USE=”abi_x86_32″ flags added to a bunch of them
  • @world updated
emerge -uaDN --with-bdeps=y @world

The common sense in this is that it’s not practical, because on the

povilas ~ # equery b

Hangs, meaning it doesn’t find the shared libraries in this scope, which is weird. However, a practice with the prerequisites worked, in turn each being solved by flagged -m32 support.

Not sure, if worthwhile to continue this venture, though a nonsensical lucrative request is supporting these statements.

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