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Laminas-form is helped by laminas-view exclusively

Lack of knowledge, hustling with presumptions, stated malware turning out to be main source of income etc, is a deceiving corporate business, worth incriminating the customer, not dealing with consequences. In fact, fast and on time products and goods delivery is helping many times, including enterprise insolvency cases, issued and triggered by miscommunication of agency partners.

It was blogged already, that an advance has been made working with fusionote.site directives, implementing Laminas-form composer package, it containing business logic and user input, database persistent data.

However, when it comes to implementation practically, the view has to be base laminas-view only, which doesn’t make sense without Laminas service manager, autoloading from config:

We recommend adding it to a site-specific module, such as the “Application” module from the framework’s laminas-mvc-skeleton, or to one of your autoloaded configurations within the config/autoload/ directory.

Laminas docs

It’s obvious, that this approach is viable only with Laminas skeleton app or full-fledge Laminas MVC solution, which isn’t the case there, because this app is based on Slim PHP v4.

Finally, it can be stated, that Slim v4, even though the latest long-streak version, isn’t compatible with nor supported TLS. It’s communication and interaction channels are, of course, by default, TLS enabled, like Composer PHP and git. However, it doesn’t consume business workflow into its models, because re-rendering and even worse – reverting the whole application stack means significant weakness and de-propulsion of fusionote.site development, especially having in mind stack interchangeability, setup agility and vendor stated delivery .

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