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FTP port 21 tail -f effectiveness

Guest FTP credentials are useful for reviewing IT/ICT student BSc thesis, but are worthless for congruent and swift PHP Magento development, where speed is the main criteria alongside QA assurance. So, SFTP is solving lots of problems, although not affordable to many agencies.

Sounds crazy, but a developer is supposed to develop a derivative of a plugin, related to shipping distances with only FTP 21 (not SFTP) credentials and be happy about it. Weird, but it’s a real fact.

Imagine, that you have zero access to console and search is off. Then you operate a grand scale majestic nominal consortium which is Magento eShop. In effect, you then download a project separately to a localhost.project.ftp, operate there with workspace capabilities enabled and apply development to a sftp (:21) open localhost.project.

Error logs then are downloadable to your VS Code and lookable there. It outputs some vendor specific deep fatality which you are supposed to fix, although it breaks the web server with 500 response status. Amazing, true facts.

In total, it’s a mess. You aren’t supposed to redevelop vendor plugin, moreover, far from debugging core Magento issues, like not serializing plugin entities – as CLI is missing.

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