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Steam limited transaction flows

2FA concerted efforts don't form a ground for a coherent payment process, inhibiting a flow drawback, resulting in a failure. Steam has to be urgent about its errors and try to fix them ASAP, if they want to retain their loyal customers in the long run.

It has to be noticed, that famous Steam platform is forbidding and denominating payments via agents such as PayPal and MasterCard, eminently obscuring flow process, thus incarnating endless loop into its practices and in this way prohibiting user to pay in advance for goods and services in his wish list, namely games on discount, advertised publicly.

Steam games on discount

Paypal returns to login page each time on 2FA transaction and MasterCards (multiple) are rejected. It has to be noticed that small sums are accepted along the way by various payment providers, such as Google Play and PKN Orlen. The same cards are used all the time, so no surprising that developer doesn’t investigate hundreds of times bigger day limits of spending (enumerated in cash sums, not restricted by other conditions).

It is a drawback of this gaming placdarme, nominating it to fixes, such as eminent threat of looped back PayPal integration, which is disgusting and weird.

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