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Social OAuth 2.0 interrogated SQL psychopaths

Magento orders, featuring hardly codeable websites, based on vendor shipped packages is a complex instantiation of a multitude of agents and a bunch of parties, denominating usual client-developer status with 3rd parties. It's nonetheless a challenging task worth taking case and paying attention.

It’s not so new that a dull job makes developer dumb, but it intensifies on a turbulent non-stable connections and a remote sites, which are hardly developed on their own, unless capital paste method is applied directly somewhere.

Of course, from perception mode, it’s assumed developer remotely adds code via SSH on a debian machine, but on observer status it’s not necessary. A stagnant code is added continually, which renders sent png media images redundant on their-selves. Far from being coherent, it’s then inquiry from above, or largely a Krishna movement, not an actual (relevant to nowadays concerns) task.

What to do with this maintenance mode requiring websites? Forfeit, distance of embark on? It can be hardly said that it’s a consensus on status quo. It’s more likely a negotiations for a content, though this time with the developer, when it should be with API of a server.

Accept: application/json
Accept-Encoding: utf8

It’s a usual request headers set of a HTTP signal. Nothing to in-comprehensive, just a simple query to output a JSON response (either from smartphone screen or a web browser on a laptop). It’s not a developer’s concern to mediate or inter-connect participating parties to a 3rd or native level measurements settlement.

DevOps is called not an enterprise agent, internally delivering communication infused messages, but a deployment focused developer, who often and as a rule is the PHP developer, designated platform status website.

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