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Slim PHP OAuth 2.0 web browser application lagged integrity

Social media gates provide necessary means to login authentically and cloud serve dedicated apps both web responsive and mobile. Though a key concept is missing in terms of non-lagging integrity - namely interstellar communication, designating external factors and forces to a managed risk level; rather than proclaiming environment shaped business economics in favor of fragility and society movements controlled by national and supranational governments.

As already blogged, Slim Doctrine combo with OAuth 2.0 League implementation is no sort of a concern, but several factors raise things to a new level. It’s not unveiling some corruption or frightening outcomes of particular enterprise dilemma.

Firstly, nation government and EU directives on its funding and R&D spending are clearly outlining knowledge economics and its derivatives in EU scale. So, then economic activity of a developer is signified by a thermal fusion directed to a monetary income, in case it’s a general (and key) missing component in stacked strategy.

With this in mine, EUR nominated the geo-continent (geo-territory) (EU) means of payment – currency – it’s the primary goal of non-income having developer, who may be in hard times of his life.

Slim PHP OAuth 2.0 league implementation is requiring exactly a static ip on a paid domain. You may argue it’s irrelevant, not need etc, but then even if development isn’t about not concentrated to money, it’s a necessary prerequisite to pay for a hosted domain to test and developer OAuth 2.0 social media callbacks, directly to the development hosted server. When this isn’t the case, it’s hard to comprehend and discuss general outcomes of:

  • Stance, asserted to -j5 observer, Gentoo distro assuming developer is taking actions against hard times without money to earn them
  • Process flow, when a development is required to be on a hosted domain, like paid (EUR) AWS or serveriai.lt machine, SSH enabled and accessed.

Therefore, the question is arising – where is that shift to a national – supranational – EU currency of EUR – by a stated government in terms of practical development for it to earn and gain from investments, when a development practice is nominated itself the exclamatory remuneration? What defines the strategy to EU developer be prerequisites enabled with hosted server OAuth 2.0 domain application (static IP) and an overlooked view, distanced from reality, loose stance and position, designating development output of a terminal and .git commits the remuneration, goal and direction towards development? This is a lagged machine, reclaiming EU distanced coding with a direct earning, itself being a status of a delay, code with an advance present, shortly planned to the redirect URL entity property; instead, a lack of money is preventing host a software solution on site in a EU cross hosting providers – e. g., eurohost.

Dedicated hosting is always an app master deployment target, by default. Though it costs more than a pre-installed WP site, but private business office means not national concern of the most vulnerable; it designates a business hosted web project implementation on time and within the budget, nothing else. Quotes are put aside mostly to a college term papers level. So, a some fraction of costs is necessary to allocate to a web (dedicated) hosted server to allow OAuth 2.0 social media callbacks to a refirectUrl protected entity property:

     * @var null|string
    protected $redirectUri;

It’s easy to state the opposite, that development is fun and remunerating itself, that salary is for counter-society specialists, worth OMON and SWAT intervention to private flat, if not landlord house room. Sounds so strange, that it designates the EU in general legitimacy in terms of liberal economics and liberalism generally. The latter is the primary cause of market economics and state prosperity as such, since Keynes fiscal and Blanchard monetary policy and economics.

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