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Cash flows intimidated OAuth 2.0 TLS development

Standards in terms of business development touch PHP directly. To be aware of the dangerous, though promising production mode, it's inevitable to install latest standards meeting PHP Composer compliant packages and develop likely more on the edge rather than in house dedicated gradual improvement. As profit seeking and market open business unit it's obvious the short term gains will not be intact due to long term capital upgrade.

Based on PHP framework integrations, amount of steps needed to be taken in order to securely develop OAuth 2.0 social media empowered web applications:

Slim vs CI4

  • TLS base build up (git+ssh & composer Channels)
  • ORM manual installation & configuration
  • Services (manual) like auth and configurations of roles with errors messages containerized set up

  • Hateoas docs (re) reading
  • Non PSR7 middleware compliant filters implementation


composer require league/oauth2-server
composer require doctrine/orm
composer require league/oauth2-server
mysql -D app_site << `cat database-setup.sql`


Apparently, TLS infused Doctrine ORM is an additional burden, but is easing the pain installing it via PHP composer.


npm install --save susy
npm install --save svelte
npm install --save uikit
npm install --save svelte


Business isn’t Blitzkrieg on its own out of the box, only because it sounds like it. Though the call is ringing for PSR7 compliant Slim, endeavoring to communicate and apply latest business innovations. Whereas CI4 is apparently still @rc phase, but attempting business – strictly distanced from national government tasks procurement and implementation.

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