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Trendy topics as sustainability aren’t applied to enterprise economics

Advancing economies, such as western EU and USA are proclaiming status of market economies, whereas Russia is outcast aside. Nevertheless, minds spoken isn't a concern of a web developer; the basic income wage is always welcome in my office, disregarding not provided credentials and refusal to cooperate; likely redirected to emergency cases of NHS clinics.

It looks that income setting based on and projected to some near future, are to define accelerating at best enterprise costs application layer to a histogram of revenue status. Far from that, it’s not the case, because practical issues, lifted from emergency to establishing enterprise are dominated, if not monopolized.

So to say, initial stage of processing income, based on WordPress and Magento are to be nominated to be sustainable. However, with the next stage, it turns out to be the dominating factor, influencing orders input amount and forthcoming revenue projection by the customers themselves – suppose, already operating in the enterprise with its internal information and data.

Fortunately, Drupal and additional Magento orders are facilitating the suppression of leaked database flow triggered decrease of amount of clients submitting requests to cope with their problems in eCommerce and eLoans. This to be solved as is, despite many issues encountered in home office environment, much more than suggested. E. g. the Spotify trance shows will not be randomized in a queue, but ordinarily presented to the general public. Supposedly, they are influencing generic mood and business mode in terms of development and production.

Be it false, though a stable wifi, VPN for a smartphone and general sound quality of BT is the essential part of constitutional demand in web orders; LAMP development is transparent, becoming de-sophisticated per se, meaning that documented source code is the primary cause of concern, not missing SSH credentials of git repository. Strange it is, but a a-machinery code search and destroy mission is affecting the constructor agent character behavior; long term planning is postponed accelerated business development, whereas sequential phase of foreseen development (in terms of orders projection and business enterprise sustainability) is gaining its momentum in the mid and long terms.

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