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Major data leak with reciprocal damage from SME

QA based project development is leading to delivery, though security measures are applied directly. Nevertheless, it's not a consumer fault nor responsibility to deal with hacking, cracking and an array of web intrusion attacks. To prevent this caused data leak appropriate measurements must be and are taken to ensure dev environment retains the same solved committed task code.

It sounds staggering, though a leak of source to some 3rd party agents is imminent threat to a PHP agency, hiring remotely.

Unlikely, but it creates illusion, that source code is automatically self-repairing, i. e. solving issues that are meant to be solved by hired web developer.

Strange, however, the effect is that a source code was tasks developed, then performance of hosting server improved by assigning another dev site and ultimately a guy is left with well performing prod clone in a dev form and the task developed source is gone – i. e. never deployed to dev.

Of course, solving this issue is less costly, as prod site has some improvements over the lacking data development dev version; nevertheless, the interest rates in this instance soar, making debt unbearable; far cry from a clearly assigned and developed source task deployed to dev – reciprocal fixing the same errors at a ‘negotiated deal’ with server host for performance improvement is a non compromising demise of the outsourcing PHP developer.

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