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Public mis-perceptions to be perceived conveniently disgraced

Upfront payment demand isn't a come up requirement for a development company in case they are concerned about QA and delivery of state-of the art products. In a form of PHP development, it's unusual to state the opposite when costs are rigorous and draining the bank account without income prepaid from some other sources; so called cash flow is non-exsistent in this case; ceased by default, contradicted to an extend by the very requirement of advance transaction in the form of to be confused developer, taking (presumable and purportedly) responsibility for the hiring company on their side, which is sanity checks not passed at least. Lame at large.

It’s obvious that labour market emand generates job ads in boards and general perception of what is wanted in the market; it’s not mean to state that job demand is influencing student to critically assess the working conditions on the embark of this or that project in the development market.

However, when it comes to the consequences, it’s rarely assumed that the same developer is a former economics student, whose credits aren’t indefinite and terms of payment apply to the same bills with services ordered.

If you are at struggle with acknowledging them – the terms and conditions – then you are at risk of sanity questioning by the college and the labor market, which accepts candidates based on their experience, skills, QA checks, test task solutions and personal traits, but not on the mileage run for chasing public wifi hotspot with backpack of a laptop; nor does it state the opposite, insisted money transactions in advance, like some incentivizer of the PHP development market.

Complaints about not timely run out of money will not help if you are denominator of the job specs sent to developer, working room and home office. It is especially strange to state, but the long term is not benevolent to these traitors and/or perpetrators, who dialectically assume the statement, then propagate it and ultimately hang it out without a concern, but with the unchanged stated mind in a form of reproaches and hatred dissemination.

It’s not difficult for a developer to ask upfront payments straight away without additional consideration. If the market is so fragile, then face it and collapse. Otherwise don’t attend theaters where you are supposed to be spectators, not actors.

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