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Walking web developer amuses the city

Mehtally handicapped my studies hous admin, upon coming back to LT from work in UK is blocking without a precautionary warning my WiFi, its access to my laptop and phone. What worth is high school diploma and especially ECTS college credits if any weirdo can come along and do stuff whatever they deem necessary to cut off my contract wifh a customer in eCommerce industry sector? Economics lectures the vise verse, this insanity isn't tolerated by mental care instututions nor statistics departmetn no more since Keynes fiscal deficit an enforcing stability mechanisms.

Post soviet liberated Kaunas city is amused by a web developer (PHP, LAMP stack) walking forth and back to a local library public wifi hotspot (often not working, seldom active itself), with a backpack gifted by my dad; although looks familiar and friendly, it’s, in fact, not. My dad has blocked wifi access to me months ago, both to my laptop and phone, excusing his actions by inventive and industrious stories.

Blocked wifi for home office PHP developer without a warning.
Blocked wifi for the most part of the day (22 of 24 hours) for home office developer by crazy house admin.

Instead of extending (or at least continuing) my contract with coffee machines B2C retailers, I had to walk over and negotiate remote and on site on contracts on homeless base, where I perform test task solutions in the public library as much as I have time and it’s not occupied by other attendees.

Looks amusing, that’s for sure. Though I cannot comprehend why it isn’t called insanity, like mental problems having my (former?) house/home admin prohibiting to pay back SODRA debt and pretending to be startup host, with a room and wifi provided. Macroeconomics states, that statistics department is accounting them to be GDP contributors (of the country), that is, seeking and working for economic gains, that is, money. Now they disconnect my wifi and insist me to work, remotely or on site, like I didn’t have a contract when they blocked the wifi – it is denied by SEB Vilnius banks transactions history, clearly illuminating customer’s payments transacted to my developer account.

Cannot understand this shit, it’s like from psychiatric hospital mental patient run away and hideously acting on his own, because have never met nor read similar instances so far – nor have heard from friends in high school or college(s).

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