Today I can say it was kind of a good target reached to me, a notes (taking) app free style plan (drawing) has been implemented in several hours, without a break.

It was worth to work on a backend, especially noticing, that models were outstanding quality, and whereas supported, CI4 improved migrations reports (a. k. a. status nominative value).

Kind, looking from this perspective, a DNS domain should be acquired for further demo and cloud hosting; proof (of activity?) to ECTS granted term papers (reported to lecturers and advisers, evaluated 10) is no longer needed (as it was not so far), and coding w/o/ money/income is no longer desired; i. e. sitting in a local public library for blocked wifi upon contract house admin isn’t a solution for income and reaching monetary stability.

Anyway, disolution of persons, ruining web developer, especially, remote, concept, are relations independent, i. e. state jurisdiction is applied and applicable to them as ordinary house admins in Lithuania, should be no exceptions. Therefore random and unpredicted their actions as wifi block without notice nor explanations aren’t triggering ECTS credits reapproval nor re-crediting needs nor prerogative nor obligation.

It’s citizens and their government of Lithuania problems, as this laptop is ordinary GNOME GUI openRC installed, breaking it to parts won’t solve this problem – SSD is encrypted 2 factor, even hashed vocabulary primitive (simple) attacks won’t help. Unless the government announced military offense against an ordinary LAMP web developer, then it’s futile, just literally nonsenses, some deviated blunder off from the casual pathway.

Gladly, Lithuania government is elected on continuous base, there is no need to pledge allegiance to any current prime ministers nor their parties; private enterprise offices are open to register to LT citizens and government swaps aren’t affecting it in the whole (big) picture mode.

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