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State library lectured credits dis-application

Precautionary measure entailing the insuergency squelch are the distanced tarets of consumption based economics, where the work is missing criteria of assessment and evaluation. Districted by geotags abd buildings, it's easy to maintain as a form of constitution, but harder to evolve in a form of broken Hitler bunkers.

ECTS, widely applicable and known in EU and beyound is losing credibility due stocked items, targeted at poorest and similar contingency unit students, but not a web developer, who is forced to walk on foot to reach targets in the city of Alma Matter.

Nothing makes more sense as fats confirmed time series events observed and registered chain of reached goals, like TV broadcasted football match in World Championship. It’s not difficult to distance religion based assumptions and discussion object state is the same as objectively observed.

Not having enough funds to apply to enterprise for PHP web developer career and business model I have to pretend being GRU agent in Montenegro

That doesn’t make sense, as even Google employees have rights to travel to work on board of a public bus. It’s not a state of Lithuania then with these individual household remote development obstructions, it’s some intense fight of SWOT and casual citizens. Therefore it is stated that my ECTS college credits are questinable, as they don’t grant anything except participation and completion of tasks and assignments in their corresponding educational university institution so called club.

Of course, it is pricey, costing thousands of EUR to complete the semester sessions (not former WW2 SS units) assignments, but it is and should be from the student’s perspective only for the guaranteed job after or alongside graduation.

It is not the case in this sense, with broken laptop and not attained gaming industry cooperative machines; this scenario sounds like a proof of worst or worse case, where the participating parties have no recognition, state level is missing and the profitable business entity is no longer of government concern, it’s likely a matter of discussions of the college students themselves.

Mentally retarded persons aren’t allowed to this college deals, because it is assumed lecturers are causing effectless real world changes, including running it on market economics basis, dis-mentioning such words as foci, assigning it to be smartphone camera, without deseculiarized state of national country status intrusion.

Unconfirmed news like open source distro affecting the whole perception of senseless stateless API is a curl, http, tail, multitail, wget and other similar programmes (software applications, mini-binaries) binary concern, i. e. swapped by its presence, where it is installed, it’s the unix distro and MS Windows corporate giants on the other side.

This versus isn’t dochotomy nor dichotomical aproach, it’s challenged ethics nomination to non-acting Oscars Di Caprio move, where actors are the statists and the producer is the chain. Be it obsolete, let’s discuss. However, it’s the standard of this blogger development startup. Prod modes applications are the accepted norm, whereas it’s .env series (*.test, *.dev, *.prod) nominative environments are no-editable by engineer (as a status practice) because the environment cannot be changed to production as not sent this to be meant so.

In conclusion, it’s not a brash trashy stake options to trade, NASDAQ is shifted. Instagram photos of celebrities is their communication preferences, call it interaction. Whereas ECTS normative accredited college credits are to be non-distanced real world so called work, whereas distanced from Austenwic conctenration camp, on demand protruding it procured by inmates themselves, as the psychological development practice; on the verge, it’s a collapse, but college level – VPN secured area, infringed by HTTP Basic Auth separator demanders; like it or not, be it fragile or thick, it’s the density stipulation, screwed to literature on the air. Broadasted it constituted a blog, although released – a threat (not a thread) of concern of literature amazed insurgency units of the college.

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