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DNS servers swap irregularity with KTU and VMU

An exclusive look into close competition of social networks, released and tagged the simmilar categories, i. e. Instagram and groundIn are the ubiquitous R&D non-drop department case scenarios. Featured rights, ingenuous composition and tremendous QA efforts make them beautiful patents non-infringing development practices.

Vytautas Magnus University transferred ECTS KTU college Economics, and specialized Small Medium Business Economics credits are questioned to the CIA introduced WWW (internet) requests. What on earth could be done with standard MVC Zend Framework v1n app, called groundin.com host on a IP dedicated A2 hosting domain?

It seems that lots of things can be said. Primarily, the instagram.com famous shipping to Facebook for $1bn is left not unnoticed. Firstly, it’s similar (phonetically and syntactically) to my domain, and, furthermore, it’s a social network, whereas mine was the same. The release year are similar – 2012-2013. which renders them competing products. It can be questioned, which type of target market and which exaclty industr, but their establishments are clearly the diverging destinies.

Groundin.com was closed (by me and acquired Baifoteka Ltd) as is, without further permissions and finished hosting on production mode, no leasing nor developing rihgts were pertained nor signed with other entities, except only the product was unregistered from DNS servers and the product main source host account on A2 hosting was terminated, deleting source code. Moreover, backup copies locally on laptop and on dropbox were deleted, maintaining only conceptual model of the social network.

The costs for its development were as for me, student, tremendous – 1 year of college reached on foot (16 km/day) and CI of full time (8 hours/day) in VMU V. Birziskos library, the 2nd floor.

Leaked or not, at least it’s not used/utilized in Instagram main network, because non of its AI of ML features are distinct from its essential design, whcih on GroundIn was significantly more advanced.

Of course, unquestionably, for a equity and/or compenstation – so called salary/remuneration – it’s possible to negotated and reach a deal with stakeholders from Facebook and its child network Instagram. However, disputes are solved internationally via renowned courts; the freeware demo show modeling on site is possible only on terms and agreements of both parties.

Significanlty less than domained, it’s not contributed to corporate entities freeware share, source code hosted product by DNS isn’t infringed by similar labels by default, offense can be visually foreseen. Therefore, precautionary means, such as penetration testing and dis-affiliates from the ICT industry internet leaders are ambivalent.

A sort of leaderhip in detail analysis, this terror of Afghanistan like solution of DNS labeling is accelerating towards official recognitionin cross-continent courts and non-trivial houshold conflicts, which don’t render only in TV screens by local police amateur camera.

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