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Advansys imagery crop defaults for CSS

Blogging is essential part of published logs, but the essence is that .NET development team, organized in groups, is willing to cooperate only in a sense of agility and modern methods applicability; it means lead developer from enterprise economics industry and driven forward rasterized graphics imagery.

The infamous Advansys enterprise, i. e. IT agency, falsely caliming innovative methodology upon my work there, uses AI based imagery cropping, namely for CSS. This is not an inventive sensation, but a large png image, which is rasterized graphics cut to pieces by a frontend developer, this way consuming the large part of framework definitions to a statements, utilized by web browser.

Pros and cons of this method – the uniform approach, meaning less costs for cropping manually by Photoshop or GIMP, but the cons are that less stable enterprise is changing the templates (of CSS image board) too quickly, meaning that general template is unwilling to bend over to a large extent.

The total experience of this development is more or less positive, though the emphasis on this aspect is that unless you have stable and running agency established practices, this method is experimental, meaning that developers are unwilling to search for solutions and exact matches of the mismatching data – imagery and target. To solve this comliance one must have energy and willingness to cooperate, in other form – develop the very enterprise, not actually .NET.

Hiring web developers, especially a lead one is a facilitator to this change, especially from enterprise development scale. This lead is a tech supervisor and companion alongisde the work team, which is then performing better and well, nominated already for augmented reality products in national portals.

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