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MVC implementation prohibited in PHP frameworks

Lagging behind framework implementations largely prohibit open source narrated initiative to bend laser focused material design into approachable applications like PHP servers. Occuring problems, dissemination of source code bugs is proliferating to waken up stage.

It sounds sensational, but considering a plethora of Symfony, take for example, implementation options, it is based. You cannot combo FOSRestBundle with a minimal API style installation, though it suggests so. Another topic worth discussing is insecure Slim site, rendering it unequal to staged solutions like CI4 or Laravel.

Considering this, it’s add up to the pile, that Symfony (putting aside API Platform – snap, which doesn’t have admin panel to add/remove CRUD operable properties to the main app source tree, call them entities) is based on local server native TLS (making – shaking), which renders it unsafe in Chrome (browser) mode and unreachable in Postman (API) mode.

Developers, instead of proclaiming your rights to post shit, rather try to embark on something visually attainable, like opening browser tab with the site running; adding them to exceptions isn’t the best solution in word-wide. Errors aren’t acceptable in site scale, though they can be denominated to the separate components statuses, like something not loading in a widget platform, that’s why gtk3 isn’t able to render it this way, but the widget is loading without this or that library, using direct rendering (elevated?) rights.

It’s not a promo video page, or screenshots laboratory, uploading lots of them for general public on purpose to convince them, in a spirit of neoclassic adventure literature. It’s even more, not an experimental lab, fussing the domain registry sites to the /var/www/ unprojected targets, calling them ~/projects long term plans – 5 years – later. If framework development team has problems with foresight, colour issues or so, they can call the clinics and bionics labs to sort the out, but not leave everything like this troubles to test task solutions committing individual developer (outsourcer, freelancer), not even in a nomad style/case.

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