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Personal develpoment in terms of professional articles propagation

Losing mobile phones and breaking keyboards byrain in the city isn't a good approach to advance. Therefore a necessary measures like habits changing, organizational practice upgrades and similar are taken into consideration and action progressed.

Sad or funny it is, but losing keyboard (UK layout laptop) because of rainy weather (the same condition as with Umidigi S2) for blocked Wifi and work from Old Town bench, it’s then necessary to take measures in order to claim necessary tools to continue working; alternatively, establish oneself as an unqualified worker in some factory, like a succumbed Indian, my former flatmate.

To proceed with these insights it’s, by economic theory beneficial to understand the pathway ahead. Firstly, this blog is left as is, i. e. intact for future customers and employers request project details and get acquainted with portfolio items. Nevertheless, it’s an observed move to LinkedIn articles publishing, emphasizing not that much business news spreading over connected social media accounts, but personal development via professional LinkedIn network; especially in Oil&Gas industry, with a flavour of eFinances and eCredits – in the market, of course.

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