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Cold war public PC vs business laptop

Business impediments are a frequent counter-measure to prevent from CLI shell execution, tempting to blame the government - be it state, nation, region or some city borough; rather than tha, business laptop development administration tools act like a government itself, blaming only the user - the developer - for a set of protests against monopolies and corporations.

It depends – on the definition how you interpret business – as a busyness per se, i. e. the state or condition of having a great deal to do, or a refular enterprise mode business – that is working air conditioned office with the usual prerequisites such as laptop, HD desktop monotors, keyboard and mouse, meaning a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade. In the latter meaning it’s easy to be compulsory for profit acticity
included in the corporation itself. Nevertheless, meaningful activity of NGO (Non-governmental organization) isn’t a big deal itself, rather a conforming assymptote.

To state the different (make difference between a state and to lecture, to state, to affirm, to presume), one has to assume (again, make difference between religical st. Mary Holy Assumption and to make a hypothesis, to come up with, to declare), that vocabulary is only a society disposal, and autonomy in terms of college graduationis a matter of random accicends, if not incidents. Contrary to this, it’s a constant fight in terms of civil needs and their affirmative ECTS granted credits. Take for example, a CERN internship in C++ manner – a protest of conglomerates will result in a halted discrepancy between Luminor upgraded from SEB account and stalled credits with negative balance. To avoid this casualty (if not a set of them) one has to arrange a set of meetings negating this consumption.

In essence, state (i. e. national country) government isn’t to be a helpful hand in this case. Primarily, the need to adhere to requirements is a primary case, stating the opposite of college assignations is an enemy of a student himself (former, current, the paradigm is clear). Like forgetting thermo cup is a minor thing in a whole journey to public library internet hotspot and present PC, the way non having an ISIC card is a trifle roadblock to a personal development discredited business development, focusing mainly not on government assertion of a status of a startup, but on a competititve advantage from public PC HD monitor to a business Gentoo laptop.

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