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var_dump vs var_export in time series hashed integrity constraints

var_export, looking from streamed social media accounts, sounds better in contextual way than var_dump, especially hen combined with girlfriend dating.

It seems that var_dump is a usual variables debugging ouput function in PHP language and especially in web development, such as LAMP. However, due to the nature of social networks and its media, saying ‘You were dumped’ or ‘Feel like dumped’ have different and antagonistic meanings in the context of non-programming (i. e. non-development) tasks & enterprises specification.

Rolling the greatest – i. e. startup, seeking profit and at least (in 1 developer instance) – a stable turnover (transactioned to his salary directly) – it’s assumed social media constantly filming the area and developer’s individual room. Even if it isn’t the case, guests are more or less always welcome, therefore mess in the room is unacceptable.

Looking from this perspective it’s unforgivable to operate randomly offered data without consent of cloud providers, like in Gentoo case – SHA512 & BLAKE2 hashes. Elevated, this arrives to a conclusion of Codility Lessons demo task presented in Counting elements section to be not reformed or recoded, but on the client side (UI app) improved to sufficient in this stage performance, meaning that server side tests are left to be run performinng well with the provided to developer test cases.

A moronic insight, but something familiar not to mess with.

By the way, the title topic is meaning in Economics sense export and import are tradicional conncepts to operate with, therefore, presumed the working Instagram and Facebook/LinkedIn accounts are feeding with development photos, then var_export is better understood, especially basing on college taught lectures material.

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