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Semi transparrent SD card PCI slot

Especially high speed SD card isn't going to be replacing mounted /var/www/vhosts folder on SSD, because of busted PCI semi-transparrent USB Realtek SD-MMC slot.

It happens that Lenovo E565 has only a semi-working SD card installed into Realtek PCI slot, requiring additional kernel modules to be installed and activaed, but randomly running.

Alas, but this isn’t to be a default operation, because the /var/www/vhosts folder mounting is missing then. From time to time disappearing and being toggled /dev/mm.. series device is not what most of developers expect; using it in /etc/fstab even with noauto flag is barely supported, if not just outright nude and present for judgement rather than dressed and office scale working.

The sad news about tis stuff is that it was bought in London Westfield shopping center, the only seller in the mall – the card itself, Class III V30 microSD isn’t going to be used inserted; it supports the statement that fake shipments are connected to a non fully transparrent PCI busted slot.

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