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Dating a fasist terrorist

Any person can be called a terrorist, as long as it uses terrorising means to defend (or to aspire for) their interests. This comes as no surprise, no mistake. But this is not a long story about the whole dating process, but a few insights:

  • Former Lithuania-Poland Both Nations Republic after WW1 dissipated into several nations, the founder of it – Lithuania
  • Their nationalists, i. e. more likely far right patriots, called Ateitininkai, including their former (active, but present – currently) member former Lithuania president V. Adamkus, widely supported in USA
  • Their member, a former my girlfriend, is havinng a date with me, all included – drinks, snaks, Forum Cinemas and afterwards a full fledge dinner, with hot towels etc.
  • Next, the several months later, she is dating and already married my former parallel classmate, studied Germany his first foreign language in high school.

The outcome and conclusion of this – weird. You are a victim of a fraud, dating the promising girl, having no idea where it will turn out to some mess – you take her back home by a taxi, nearby which was the closest to Kaunas Akropolis. And you are dumped. This is facism and terrorism, if not Caritas help to socially insecure students.

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