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Coffee machines smarter than developers’ laptops

Coffee making is an integral part of corporate office culture, adding up teas and former India West Side company colleagues candies. It's a better way to operate ready to use coffee powder rather than to wait for a smart machine to make it ready,

Working Silverdoor was quite funny, but besides work had to acknowledge several facts – not only the main financial driving force was from USA, but the developers countries of origin were India, China, Romania and my – Lithuania.

The interesting part of that was the casual style of working activities like running daily enterprise tasks – coffee & tea were integral parts of this occupation, meaning that a colleague is offering drinks in turn – in a queue. The whole team drinks then a pad of glasses, fetched in by the suggesting developer/development manager.

In fact, the substance of the venture was the super sophisticated and complex coffee machines installed in the kitchen of the office of the company. Definitely, they were so smart, that it arranged everything from maintenance to coffee flavours, except the JIRA tasks delivery. Joking, I even wasn’t informed about the variety of coffee flavours on the nearby desks, all in melting poweder, which was eay easier to operate with – rather than spend ~5 – 10 mins preparing the machine drink.

Lucikly, it was a lesson to me, not to waste time on trifles like coffee flavouring aparatus and instead take on directly the JIRA tasks in a set.

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