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Public LAN HiFi ultimate Wifi speed up

Gaming is requiring intensive load speeds capability and support. In case it's violated or laptop breached, the whole fun is gone.

Besides blocked Wifi at home invoked regular usage in public county library reading room – CLI interface deprecation in favour of access key and password combination – and other adventures – Mars looks remote and dangerous.

So far have managed to speed up download speeds to 2.5 MB/s average, specially on Steam app. Peak has been reaced 3.1 MB/s, which is impressive.

Download speeds and statistics of Steam games

Not only it makes sense, but it’s appauling to see working iwl series interface of an Ali shopped M.2 card.

Intel Bluetooth combo card to M.2 interface

Hopefully it explains well national and international advatage caps, as well as diminished minuses, i. e. downgrades. Sometimes raw NTFS HDD is way better than ext4 encoded and especially than LUKS encrypted (even manually mounted) drive.

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