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F35 capacity fake thrust

Widely and loud advertised F35 don't meeet their interrogative means, nor purpose of development. Scrap on which they are deployed staggers with terrific glamour.

Although impressive from the first sight, F35 itself is nothing without sales – this proposition from Lockheed Martin is unsustainable – why? Because sales are on Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier. Not only it features polynomic graphics on the deck like those suited for Midway Islands battles, but it’s technologically incapable of delivering fast maneuvres based on jet fighters operations support.

The insight? Why on earth sell the latest 5th generation F35 USA labeled jets for the technologically abandoned UK? Are they so prone to good usage and latest state-of-the-art embeddings? Not at all, looking from this angle. They are stomped, decked, stashed and stocked on the scrap yard, sailing on the steam turbines engined Titanic, open to concerns from every iceberg.

4++ is in process, running and maintained; supported by tech engineers and operating in wide skies upon the request. It’s nothing a sensation to deck mainboard on a jet fighter model to an outdated shipwreck gone through UK flagship.

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