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Compensation disguising in Chrome web store stock

Chrome Web store provides simulated compensation strategies to embark on venture funds locally.

Considering business as process, i. e. enterprise development as gradual increase in its profit and maintenance – relations with customers – it’s a normal approach to limit its compensation strategies to decisive – main – IBAN EUR transfers, fallbacking to GBP, peripherals of EU.

In this case it’s not so easily understood all other means of payment, like barter trade, stock goods, code base and others, whereas EUR is widely available in geotags based location of e. g. Kaunas, Lithuania. It’s primarily based on stock goods Chrome Web Store, such as Cool Cursors, and a preset of others.

Nonetheless, it’s better than total 0, in this way proclaiming a Gentoo distro installation in a local public library reading room, remunerating the efforts, and transcending the reality in general.

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