In a recent article I discussed a continuous development costs and analysis was taken how to implement funelled financing methodology through a venture funds. The point, however, is, that continuous development (contrary to, as assumed, continuous delivery) is a costs taking approach, normative measures applied, igniting, if not openSUSE upgrade to business ECTS, than a halted system with the non-running NET install images and missing drivers.

In this way it’s easier to understand the specifics of a blocked Wifi impact by utilizing a guest-host approach, where the non-functioning telecommunications – call it Wifi and fallback – LAN – are the disturbance factors, eliminating your startup culture and micro climate right away upon the coming back home to traditional TV and FM radio broadcasts.

Not so sophisticated as it may seem from the first sight – come up with a reasonable explanation of your laptop on hold and pursue the meaningful life on demand, incorporating detailed business models along the way. For example, exiliriating request for running EFI XAMPP (zsh shell, Gnome, Linux) can be so demanding and complex decisions based, that it will appear easy-breezy to expand business with,,, toptal and similar.

The exposition to ECTS college accomplished credits like SME Economics (upgrading from freeware (GPL, GNU, Apache2) openSUSE (stbale Leap) to a business solution like Gentoo is the key factor to implement strategies and compositions into a working environment, open to opportunities and negotiating with potential employers (current enterprises) to get involved into a daily practice routine of PHP development, i. e. business CI.

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