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ISIC college accreditation

Studies requirements are prone to concerns of ability, inheritance, openness to communication, income and diversification. A Leap to Tumbleweed upgrade solves many of premium scale features and questions, including sustainable developent - corporate sustainability strategies.

ISIC stands for International Student Card, it’s, contrary to presumed, is not ISIS, against a tremendous efforts have been put to demolish their state. This implies that an internationally accredited student status, issued before, as sought after, is obliging to act accordingly.

In this scale a non running EFI Ubuntu is a demoninated – demotivating – catalyst, calling for urgent actions. Because college usually applies for stability (both of income and family life), it’s not a surprise to arrange an openSUSE setup, paying for premium features on request, but not accompanying not fulfilled expectations/promises to my Alma Matter (KTU) SME Economics specialized Economics branch studies.

Open, GPL licenced software may be a default platform to use a proprietory software, inclined to business and eFinances, which were lucrative to study, but open to false accusations, patents infringements, especially in transiting economy like Lithuania from USSR (Soviet Union) to free market liberated one – Western EU and USA.

In this way securing enterprise status – startup at least – student, accredited (formerly) with ISIC student card, is corporate mode open to financial suggestions, common run business, enterprises suggestions, equity shares and IPOs, which is natural and expected in business world.

What makes more sense is Tubleweed transcended upgrade from Leap version. Having that in mind, it’s easy to integrate the latest features, because it’s stabilized and running non ~ software versions.


As rolling release Leap is upgrading their distro, there is no need to pretend that business version will become somehow Tumbleweed, even though stabilized, as unstable packages are stable only in terms of stable kernel and desktop shell; Otherwise those two would be identical. In this case enterprise development begins from stable office developers team, with their laptops included. So to say, it’s not a compulsory requirement, but internationally – world-wide – a stable startup is about featuring normal OS installed, unless it’s directly funded Tumbleweed to the laptop distro.

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